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Control over Health

From: ingrid@bioethika.com

Dear Subscribers,

Believe it or not, I am just one person, no staff, with a small subscription list when compared to Joseph Mercola, Mike Adams, and even Rima Laibow.  However, I try to keep my finger on the pulse.  Also, I believe I have stated my concerns as well as my personal and professional opinions with regard to vaccines.  However, I will try one more time to be succinct and clear.  If you take exception to what I say, Google until you find the information you need to form your own judgments.  After all, I can’t possibly have all the answers.  This said, I had a head start on some of you.  Not only have the issues interested me for many years, but I am old enough to have accumulated quite a lot of information and background.


Viruses do not jump species without some assistance so what we have seen in recent decades is an epidemic of infectious diseases that got precisely this assistance…  Moreover, each of these releases was propagandized to the hilt and thanks to providence or some other divine intervention, none of the decimation of global population actually took place, but there were extreme losses among certain populations such as the male homosexual population and much of Africa.

In theory, the AIDS epidemic would have easily crossed from the intravenous drug user population and gay community into the mainstream where it would have spread like any other sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia or herpes.  However, despite predictions running as high as 90%, this has not happened.  We should count our blessings but not bank on endless good luck…

The Hanta Virus also fizzled. The bird flu, as I wrote some time back, put a few people in contact with swans at risk, but not very many people work in Azerbaijan swan burial sites.  I am sure that the failure of these engineered viruses to fulfill prophecies has annoyed a lot of people in high places.  However, many of us more humble folks who pray for a healthy and sane world have cause to thank the Almighty for answering our prayers.

If all the WHO (World Health Organization) and its complicit partners throughout the world did was to scare people, I would probably turn off the news, lean back, sip my Indigo Drops, and wait for the next round of media madness, but the present situation is different because for the first time in our lives we are not simply being told that the diabolical vaccine might be mandatory but failure to comply will result in job loss, fines, confiscation of property, incarceration, and perhaps worse.  The military has, in fact, been recruiting enlistees to manage dissidents and work in FEMA camps.  This is not urban legend or hysteria from the left or right, it is straight fact.

In reality, therefore, the present situation is different in that the assault by big pharma profiteers transgresses not just our psyches but our rights.  Personally, I do not believe that it will be possible to coerce so many people into blind obedience.  For purposes of profit and politics, it does not actually matter whether or not there is 100% compliance.  It matters whether laws can be put in place that strip us of choice, including jurisdiction over our own bodies, and whether or not billions of people can be made into customers of big pharma.

If we are watching carefully, we will see that one of the enormous problems facing the Earth today is not that resources are running out but that they are poorly managed and unevenly distributed.  So long as there are individuals (and corporations) who want everything, indifference to the suffering of the many will persist.  The bottom line is that it is actually in our own interests to file endless lawsuits in every court in every country to awaken middle level individuals to the risk of allowing this onslaught to continue.

For the first time in years, I am hearing from mainstream people who have always done what their doctors advised but who are now questioning the validity of the vaccine.  For the first time in decades, I am seeing vast numbers of health care professionals in the world of allopathic medicine saying they would personally refuse the shot for themselves and their families.  The question is always whether or not they will also refuse to administer it to others.

Many of you are writing me with your personal political beliefs.  They are just that: personal beliefs.  Pamela Harriman explained it very well years ago when she said that the same corporations and financial interests control both political parties.  We try to make the parties look different so that people have the illusion of choice, but if the only issues that separate the parties are highly personal ones such as the right to life or right to abort, the differences are quite limited.  You see this clearly when both parties sign off on the Patriot Act, when both agree to go to war against innocent countries, when both strip you and me of our rights.  Likewise, getting your news from this or that network or anchor does not really matter if they get their information from the same White House spokesperson or Reuters.

To take a case in point, I would ask you how many reporters knew, and exactly when they knew that Edwards was having an affair?  It was not news until someone decided to make it news.  Then, of course, it became news.  You can be absolutely certain that the press has something on everyone they tail and they will use what they have when someone flips the switch.  When you accept this argument, you also realize the extent to which our information is filtered.

Now, back to the main issue.  The present situation can be summed up as:  “If the flu doesn’t get you, the vaccine will.” You can be sure that the different batches are actually different and that it will take medical historians ages to sort out what happened and why.  Vaccines are horrific enough, but the adjuvants are 100% evil. If you can’t get the politicians and medical experts to discuss the adjuvants, you know they are either ignorant or hiding something.

To some extent, health care reform is meaningless against the backdrop of such a huge infringement on personal liberties and choice. If the same politicians and the people who control those politicians are deciding our fates, the outcome will be just as controversial and disastrous.  To the best of my knowledge, Ron Paul is taking a strong and meaningful position on these issues.  As always, he speaks to freedom more directly than to what people perceive as compassionate and humane concern for disenfranchised individuals.  If you feel he is lacking feeling, you should study what he is saying because while he says that health care is not a right guaranteed by the Constitution, he says that freedom is a right and this includes your right to use natural medicines, something big pharma would not endorse.

Throughout history, there have always been exposures to diseases and there have been epidemics.  We had the Black Death as well as localized epidemics of cholera, typhoid, and smallpox.  There were always people who were exposed who did not succumb as well as those who succumbed.  In short, anyone familiar with this history ought to have asked what the unique characteristics of the survivors are.  Instead, for over a century, all the emphasis has been put on the pathogenicity and lethalness of microbes rather than the factors that assure health.  This was, in fact, the point of divergence in the historic debate to which I have referred on many occasions.  As I said, Pasteur won the debate and this has resulted in a windfall to pharmaceutical medicine and a huge setback to natural medicine.  However, on his deathbed, Pasteur recanted and said that the milieu or terrain is actually more important.

If you understand this, you will be able to process the hype that is cluttering the air waves at this time. Some of the hype is based on an assumption that alkalizing your body will protect you against anything.  While I believe that many need to detoxify from acidic overload, I do not believe that that alkaloids will protect you from thimerosal.  They probably will not protect you against squalene either.  Keep in mind that the live or attenuated viruses are the least of your worries.  Your immune system could collapse as a result of the adjuvants.  Thimerosal is not organic and the body’s immune system is between a rock and hard place when it comes to dealing with it.  I think the “good execreters” will eliminate it, but others will suffer terrible side effects that include but are not limited to neurological degradation and damage to the immune system.

Squalene is, however, worse and I do not believe the government has the right to inflict it on anyone.

At this time, there have not been nearly enough lawsuits filed.  Len Horowitz has filed one with the FBI in New York and posted his materials online for all to see.  As always, he has followed the money trail and it leads to some very unscrupulous people referred to in his press releases as a “crime ring” operating through the Partnership for New York City.

Finding a credible web source is not always easy, but why not do your own sleuthing?

Anyone who publishes the type of material Horowitz has been producing for decades has an absolutely immense amount of data to support his every contention.  For someone new to this connect the dots game, there is a formidable amount of material to master.

When I had a clinic, I was too busy to read and I hired someone to read and report to me.  One of the books was called “Murder by Injection” and her report was a little unorthodox.  She said, “It is Biblical.”  I said, “What on earth do you mean?”  She said, “Well, all the who begat whom goes on forever.”  I hope you are taking time to laugh because these hugely rich enterprises with their countless non-profit research organizations, medical lobbies, and politicians in the pocket make it very difficult to trace the origin of offensive policies.  It requires a lifetime of dedication.  Moreover, spending this much time examining the motivations and actions of truly evil organizations is traumatizing to the vibration so people like Horowitz are not very warm and fuzzy.  One’s instinct is to resist and then run for comfort, and these are healthy instincts but they will not unfortunately protect you from the truth nor help you to wage a meaningful offensive against those who could not care less what happens to you.

Vaccine Nation

Now, on another note completely, have a look at this video:


In the U.S., the situation in Massachusetts is serious.  If I lived there, I’d be packing up.  However, it is also quite alarming in Oklahoma and Maine.  You might soon say, “There is no place to run.”  I believe, however, human nature is resilient and a way will be found to topple the agenda.  It will however require concerted effort, not just in one country but in many.

The Vawter petition for an injunction, filed in New Jersey, is scheduled for a ruling on October 19.  I would be praying mightily for the judge to issue that injunction.

Gary Null’s film called Vaccine Nation can be viewed here: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.viewcustom&friendId=59791227&blogId=420755177&swapped=true

Unfortunately, nearly all the focus is on thimerosal rather than squalene and the issues raised are not 100% relevant to the current nightmare.  However, to add a little bit of color to the discussion, I would like to give a little personal background.  A medical doctor asked me years ago to help him construct an astrological research project involving sudden infant death syndrome.  This was in the 70s and very few were suspecting vaccines back then, but I felt it was almost impossible that this many babies were suffocating or dying from totally unknown causes.  The pieces began to fit together when I received one of the 40,000 letters written by Alan Yurko.  I read the material and just as we see in the film, the autopsy report used to convict him was based on the examination of a black infant whose head size was smaller than baby Alan’s head.  I was totally outraged by the amount of cover up and suppression of information, but once again, my role was astrological and I correctly foretold when he would be released from prison.

If what is said about vaccines being largely overrated or downright dangerous flies in the face of what you think you know about them, I urge you to take the time to read one or two books on the subject or visit one of the web sites dedicated to providing the other side of the story.  Try to keep your mind clear and recognize that we have had the need for vaccines drummed into our psyches for decades, and virtually every doctor, even the ones who call themselves holistic, believe in vaccines.  Even those who brought cases to court when their own children were harmed are blaming the adjuvants, not the live or attenuated viruses or the premises of vaccines.

To tell you the truth, there is so much material online that anyone who is seeking the truth can take the time to read both sides of the argument in order to draw his or her own conclusions.  I would like to sign off further discussions of this topic with a few parting comments, from the part of me that once functioned as an economist.

On an individual basis, it matters deeply whether or not you or someone you love becomes a statistic, i.e., the one in a thousand who got pregnant despite using what was deemed to be adequate contraception, the one in ten thousand who reported adverse reactions to a food or drug, or the one who died of the flu despite being vaccinated.  However, from a governmental policy standpoint, individuals don’t actually matter since they are trying to reduce population by getting a certain percentage of people to comply with family planning or other programs.  When it comes to the flu, IF — and it truly is a big IF — the vaccine really did confer protection, there would be no need to compel people to be vaccinated who did not freely choose to do so because they have assumed the risks of exposure and decided to manage the risks by avoiding crowded places or self-quarantining in the event of an outbreak. In short, those who trust the vaccine and who want it are theoretically protected and the rest can play roulette as they choose.  In a way, we make such decisions every day when we decide whether or not to drive in inclement weather or whether or not to binge or smoke or take other risks.  In short, if the government does not have the power to tell you how many seconds you are allowed to hold your breath under water, it really doesn’t need to force vaccines on the unwilling either . . . IF the vaccines work.

IF they do not work, as most likely they cannot and will not, it’s all moot.  So, on this note, let’s go on to new topics, like how to transform water!

Many blessings,





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