Message from the Military to Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

Thank you for not going to Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. There is something very sacred about that place and about that day.

Those who bled and died for this country deserve to be honored and saluted by people who love their country and honor their sacrifice.

You don’t belong there.

Thank you for realizing that and going to Chicago.

Craig P. Jacobi, Col, USA, (Ret)
McLean, VA

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7 Responses to “Message from the Military to Obama”

  1. Daniel Carey Says:

    Why izzit that nobody can find an actual Col. Craig Jacoby? Anywhere?

  2. lockdoc1 Says:

    Thank you for the reply to my blog post. However the article is not about President Bush, it is about Obama NOT going to Arlington Cemetery – because he has shown his total disregard for the military. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

  3. giniajim Says:

    President George H. W. Bush *never* went to Arlington on Memorial Day. So? There are many ways to show respect and I’m sure he did so.
    Obama was at a National Cemetery in Chicago. Is that really a lesser thing to do to honor our veterans? Think about it.

  4. Tony R Says:

    This is well said, but I do have one question. Does Col Jacobi really exist, or is this just a comment from an anonymous donor.


    Oh and bye the way, I agree with it in its entirety.

  5. ww2bee Says:

    Amen! Col. Jacobi.
    My sentiments also and as a Vet I am disgusted with his attitude, vacations,lack of knowledge of history and I could go on and on but wish all vets could convene in Washington and “clean house” and return this country to it’s citizens .
    Al Simpkins, Sgt. Eighth Airforce, Ret.

    • lockdoc1 Says:

      Thanks for reading Sergeant, and hopefully you, me and a few thousand like-minded patriots can go to the polls in November and reclaim this country from the liberal money-grubbing bozos in Washington and get this society back to some sense of normalcy. My thanks and a big salute to you, and all the fellow service men and women that have given selflessly to protect this great country so we can enjoy the freedoms that we have!

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