8 Responses to “Charities That Thank You For Your Donation”

  1. Jazmin Klingler Says:

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  2. LionJohnOfCornwall Says:

    You missed one global organisation where EVERY penny donated by the public is spent supporting the charitable objectives of the organisation. All the salaries and expenses are paid out of the pockets of the members through their joining and annual membership fees, something that members of Lions Clubs International are justifiably proud

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  5. Kimberley Haapala Says:

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  6. A. Friesen Says:

    Can you verify this info as truth? What is your resource? Have a HUGE United Way compaign about to begin with the company I work for & this is interesting info, just need to know the ‘source’ before I can pass it on.


    • lockdoc1 Says:

      Don’t have any specific source on this, but here is a good place to start – http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=studies.ceo Bottom line is, if you are planning on making a substantial donation to any charity, do your homework and check them out first! Do a Google search, call the Better Business Bureau, call the charity and ask for references. Don’t take my, or any one else’s word for it.

  7. Corina Chevalier Says:

    I work at World Vision Canada and it is great that this posting is being used to address charity accountability and transparency. However, the facts related to the president of World Vision Canada are incorrect. Our president earns a salary of $184,000, plus a moderate vehicle allowance – which is substantially less than executives who run comparable organizations.

    Our president does not live in a $700,000-$800,000 home and none of his housing costs are paid for by World Vision.

    If you would like to learn more about how World Vision determines this and other salaries, I encourage you to read our policy by visiting the following link:


    You can also access our annual reports and audited financial statements here:


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