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The Green Bay Packers Are Good For America

January 31, 2011

Every Red Blooded American should jump in line to support the Green Bay Packers! The Packers defeated the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon thus earning them the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl. By doing so, they saved the Hard-Working, Red Blooded, Taxpaying Americans literally several million dollars of tax money. How you say? Simple… we were told that if the Chicago Bears had won that President Obama (and probably his family) and several friends would be attending the Super Bowl to cheer on his hometown team.

Since the Bears lost…the President won’t be attending. The money saved from not using Air Force 1, the limousines, all the additional security, and let’s not forget Michelle Obama’s entourage, is literally several million dollars! Therefore every American should cheer on the Green Bay Packers at the Super Bowl to show them our gratitude.


Is it NBA or NFL?

December 26, 2009

36 – Have been accused of spousal abuse

7 – Have been arrested for fraud

19 – Have been accused of writing bad checks

117 – Have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses

3 – Have done time for assault

71, Repeat… 71, Cannot get a credit card due to bad credit

14 – Have been arrested on drug-related charges

8 – Have been arrested for shoplifting

21 – Currently are defendants in lawsuits, and

84 – Have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year

Can you guess which organization this is?

Give up yet?

Neither, it’s the 435 members of the United States Congress…

The same group of idiots that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line.

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